how to blog again

Well, hey there. It's been a few years.

I used to blog, back in the dark ages of the Internet, when Blogger was a young upstart, and all the cool kids were trying to decide what was better: Movable Type or Greymatter. I registered my first domain in 2000, and kept a blog there pretty regularly.

As happened to many of us old bloggers, I gradually wandered away from it, lured by the siren song of Facebook and Twitter.

But now, it's time to come back. Social media is losing its lustre. It's great for short little utterances, but not really for long-form thought. And I think it's time I got back to some long-form thought, even though I'm a lot busier than I was 18 years ago.

I've gone through a long journey in that time. In 2000, I was doing creative web work for a small network security firm. It was a great two years, that ended in a spectacular meltdown. I moved around through different technology jobs: I was a webmaster for an industrial software company; I wrote ASP for a design firm; I spent 4 years at the world's largest corporation doing technical documentation; I wrote a book on the Apache web server (which is rather ludicrously still selling); I spent another 9 as a web developer and project manager for a university research centre; I got my Master of Arts degree (from a different university); and finally, I've spent the last two years as a manager for a hypergrowth startup that you might have heard of (or, equally, might not have).

What's interesting to me now is people management in the tech sector. I'm looking after some fantastic people, and I want to start talking about it. So I'm going to.

Welcome to How to Company.

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